Denied Transfers

The Virginia State Police must approve any firearms transaction performed by a Virginia firearms dealer. The State Police may deny a transaction.  A transaction may be denied due to any number of reasons, including a situation of which you may not be aware. If your transaction is denied, I am only notified the transaction is denied.  To protect your privacy, I am not given the reason.

You have certain rights under Virginia law to understand why the transaction was denied and appeal the decision. A full description of these rights may be found on the VSP website:

I suggest the first step is to call the Firearms Transaction Center at (804) 674-2292.  The people are very helpful.

You may view/ download a brochure published by the VSP describing the process by clicking here.


If your transaction is denied, contact me within 48 hours of my notification to you of the denial to tell me the status of your discussions (if any) with the VSP and/ or the seller. If you do not continue with the transfer, I will only return the firearm to the FFL who shipped it to me. To do this:

If you resolve the issue and can continue with the transfer:

If you do not contact me within 48 hours or you do not provide me timely updates, I will consider the transaction abandoned and:

In all cases, no firearm(s) will be transferred or returned until my fees are paid in full. If the matter (including payment of fees) remains unresolved after 30 calendar days, I may consider the firearm abandoned and it may be disposed in a manner convenient to me.

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