Inbound Transfer Process

I can help you with your purchase of firearms from non-local dealers.  Succinctly, you order firearms for delivery to me. When the shipment arrives, we will meet face-to-face and complete all the required paperwork and background check.  Once approved by the Virginia State Police, I transfer your purchase to you.  Please note:

Documentation to Establish Identity and Residence

Your identity and residency must be positively verified to transfer a firearm.  I require a valid Virginia Driver license or a valid Virginia State Identification Card with your current, Virginia street address and, for driver licenses, with a date of issue for an original or duplicate driver license at least 30 days before the current date.  Your valid license or state ID along with a change of address card from the Virginia DMV is valid.  Please Note: the identification presented at the time of transfer MUST match the name and address of the person who purchased the firearm from the seller and/ or the shipping FFL.

Per Federal regulations, if your valid Virginia driver license does not list your street address (e.g., a post office box) YOU MUST provide a second document issued by Virginia or a Virginia local government (e.g., your county) that bears the exact same name as the driver license and your current street address.  Typically, your vehicle registration issued by the Virginia DMV or your Virginia Voter Registration Card will meet this requirement.  A vehicle registration that does not have your name (e.g., listing only your spouse's name) is NOT acceptable.

Please note - I do NOT accept military ID's for any transfers.

If you have any questions, please visit the Virginia State Police website. 

Transfer Pricing

For example, a transfer of a pistol is $30; the transfer of a pistol and a rifle is $35; the transfer of two pistols is $40.

Please note: any gun not picked up in 7 calendar days after my notification to you of its arrival is subject to a $5 per day storage charge.  Any gun not picked up in 30 calendar days may be considered abandoned and may be disposed in a manner convenient to me.

Inbound Transfer Process

  1. Search IconComplete your purchase with the seller.  If the seller is not a FFL, the seller must find a FFL to ship it to me. I accept transfers from Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) ONLY. 

    For licensed dealers, pawnbrokers, and manufacturers, I require a copy of their valid, unexpired license that can be verified by the FFL EZ-Check system.  For those who hold a type 3 (Curio and Relic collector) license who sold a C&R eligible firearm, I require a copy of the valid, unexpired license and a copy of the licensee's driver license where the name and address exactly match that on the C&R license. I do not accept C&R licenses for non-C&R firearms.

    If you or the seller need to find a FFL to perform the shipping, look one up here.
  2. Contact me with your name, address, phone, and e-mail address.  Please also include the following:
  3. Provide the seller my contact information:

    Joseph Picolla, Member
    Bullseye Arms and Service LLC
    220 Ashton Drive, SW
    Leesburg, VA  20175
  4. I will contact the seller's FFL to arrange the exchange of credentials. The seller's FFL will request a copy of my license (which I will provide via email or can be viewed and downloaded [here].) I will ask for a copy of the seller's FFL's license. The seller's FFL copy is normally shipped with the order.
  5. The seller's FFL will ship the item to me.  I will ask seller's FFL for the tracking information, which may or may not be sent to me.  Therefore, please forward the shipping/ tracking information you receive to me.
  6. I will open the package, confirm the contents and update my required records.
  7. We will set an appointment to complete the paperwork and background check.  A federal form, a Virginia state form, and a background check are required for the transfer.  Both forms and the background check are completed at the time we meet.  You may want to review the forms prior to our appointment.  A sample of the federal form, the Firearms Transaction Record (also known by its form number - 4473) may be found [here].  The state form requires information similar to the federal form.  Complete information about Virginia's requirements and the background check may be found [here].   Assuming all goes as expected, you take possession of the item at the end of our appointment.

    Warning TriangleOnce your item arrives, I will quickly contact you and offer several appointment options.  If you come without an appointment, I will turn you away.  In addition, I may impose an additional $30 charge for the transfer or not do the transfer at all.

    The background check can take a few minutes or a few days. You may take your item only after the transfer is approved by the Virginia State Police.  If the State Police do not approve the transfer, you may not take possession of the item - NO EXCEPTIONS. Click here for information on denied transfers.


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