Private Party Transfer Process

I can help you with sales or purchases to/ from local people.  In Virginia, it is currently legal, under certain conditions, for Virginia citizens who are not dealers and not behaving as a dealer to buy or sell firearms from other Virginia residents who are not dealers. However, going through an FFL helps elminate any seller liability selling a gun to an ineligible buyer and the buyer to help ensure the purchase is not reported lost or stolen.

Please note:

Documentation to Establish Identity and Residence

Both parties' identity and residency must be positively verified to transfer a firearm.  I require a valid Virginia Driver license or a valid Virginia State Identification Card and, for driver licenses, with a date of issue for an original or duplicate driver license at least 30 days before the current date.  Your valid Virginia driver license or state ID along with a change of address card from the Virginia DMV is valid.

Per Federal regulations, if your valid Virginia driver license does not list your street address (e.g., a post office box) YOU MUST provide a second document issued by Virginia or a Virginia local government (e.g., your county) that bears the exact same name as the driver license and your current street address.  Typically, your vehicle registration issued by the Virginia DMV or your Virginia Voter Registration Card will meet this requirement.  A vehicle registration that does not have your name (e.g., listing only your spouse's name) is NOT acceptable.

Please note - I do NOT accept military ID's for any transfers.

Private Party Transfer Pricing

For example, a transfer of a pistol is $30; the transfer of a pistol and a rifle is $35; the transfer of two pistols is $40.

Private Party Transfer Process

  1. Complete the terms of your purchase/ sale with the other person.

  2. Make an appointment with me for both of you to concurrently meet me.  My contact information is:

    Joseph Picolla, Member
    Bullseye Arms and Service LLC
    220 Ashton Drive, SW
    Leesburg, VA  20175

  3. At our meeting, I will first collect and record identity information from both parties.

  4. A check is run to ensure the guns have not been reported lost or stolen.

  5. The buyer will complete the transfer paperwork and I will perform a background check.

  6. If approved, the transfer information is entered in my books, the buyer pays the transfer fees, and the transfer is complete.  The buyer leaves with the firearm(s).

    If delayed and the seller wants to leave, the seller may take the firearm(s) with her/ him. If approved, both parties must return to complete the transfer. The seller may also choose to depart and leave the firearm(s) with me. Once approved, the buyer pays the fees and I transfer the firearm to the buyer. However, if the transfer is subsequently denied, per the ATF, the seller pays transfer fees and must undergo a background check to get the firearm(s) back from me.

    If denied, and seller has not departed, the seller departs with the firearm(s), the buyer pays the fees due, and the buyer is given information how to follow-up with the State Police.  However, if the seller departed and left the firearm(s) with me, per the ATF, the seller must pay transfer fees and undergo a background check to get the firearm(s) back from me.

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